Champions are made in the off-season!
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From pitching mechanics to strength and conditioning, here at Brown's Baseball Academy, we are dedicated to YOUR success. We're here to see our athletes succeed! In addition to all of our services, we take pride in the fact that we offer insight into team dynamics as well as the mental aspects of baseball. Additionally, we are happy to offer assistance to our students in ANY aspects of their lives. Our primary goal is for academy attendees to leave feeling better about themselves in every aspect of life.
Conditioning/ Resistance Training
Our conditioning program is designed for baseball and softball players who want to gain a competitive edge on the playing field.  We feel that it is necessary to gear strength training towards areas that will help our student athletes succeed on the diamond. Find out what tools pro scouts look for and shoot for the stars!
Having a good approach is the key to having success at the plate. We use a variety of different tactics to help insure that when our students step up to the plate they do so  with the confidence! 
 Using your arm in the proper way is very important to the longevity of your baseball career. Tweaking your mechanics to make sure that you are throwing the ball properly can not only save your arm but can improve your skills as a pitcher! 
Playing good defense is all about being prepared. We work hard to instill defensive confidence into our academy attendees through repetition and defensive preparation. Putting our athletes into difficult defensive situations and testing their approach instills confidence on game day!